Pandit Sampurnanand Mishra, Former Professor at Maharishi International University, Holland, Switzerland, England and America.

Pandit Sampurnanand Mishra, having returned to India in the year 1994 after teaching Astrology in a number of European countries and America discovered that the Ancient Oriental Sciences of Astrology, Karmakand, Yoga and meditation were becoming extinct in his own land. All of this was because of lack of knowledge and ignorance amongst the general population.

He observed that people were being duped by quacks. These quacks were taking undue advantage of the curiosity of people that wanted to know their future prospects and how to better them. In the process people were wasting their money, losing faith in the sciences, losing out on good opportunities and doing more harm than the good they had set out to achieve.

Lack of good and proper institutions that provided Astrological Consultation as well as performed yajnas with the help and guidance of knowledgeable experts was also one cause that made people lose belief in the old sciences and practices. This quandary gave birth to the Pandit Sampurnanad’s Antar-Rashtriya Jyotish Anusandhan Sansthan and Vishwa Kalyan Yajnanusthan Sansthan. The credo of this institution is to reinstate the common man’s hope and faith in the old Astrological sciences with the help of learned scholars that have been put on a common and singular platform.

The center which had initially begun by promoting Astrological Consultations and performing of yajnas is at this stage making valuable contribution towards imparting the education of Astrological Sciences.

It is with the blessings and unwavering support of Pandit Sampurnanand Mishra that the website has come into being. All our consultations, remedies and counsel come directly from Pandit Sampoornanand Mishra, who serves as the head of our esteemed team of Astromen.