Talk To Astroman Over The Phone

Astrologers are now available to you over the Phone!
Base price with tax: 1685.40 ₨
Tax amount: 185.40 ₨
Sales price: 1685.40 ₨

You can consult astrologers over the Phone now!  Our Astromen will be available to you over the phone to help take care of any astrological query that you might have and what is great is that the consultation will be carried out in Hindi. You can pour your heart out to any of our Astromen that have been trained by the revered astrologer Pandit Sampurnanand Mishra.

Over the phone consultation provides you with utmost privacy and you can be at ease as your details will remain safe with us. All you have to do is pick up the phone from any place and at any time to get immediate answers and soothing consultation! (At no hidden costs)

With our over the phone consultation service you don’t have to wait around and you get immediate answers to the questions you ask! There is no scope of any sort of misunderstandings or confusions. And moreover as you speak to an astrologer in Hindi you will be able to express yourself well and shall get maximum satisfaction out of this service.

With this service, you get:

·         To discuss your issues instantly rather than having to wait and from the convenience of your home.

·         An opportunity to speak directly to one of the highly experienced and learned astrologers on phone.

·         30 minutes consulting time slot that is flexible and allows for multiple entries.

·         A golden chance to ask multiple questions as a consequence of which you will be able to address multiple areas of your life with a single package.

 To avail this service please call on this number: +91-120-4297492